The Sports City London Training Academy is all about making it easy to learn how to organise good quality sport and how to meet the expectations of all participants. Our training Academy workshops, coaching courses and resources prepare our workforce to provide high-quality sporting opportunities in a style which fits the local communities they serve. 

The training Academy provides a mix of accredited and non-accredited courses that last from an afternoon to 6 days. Our tutors are trained to industry standards and are experienced deliverers of Doorstep Sport in challenging community settings.

Here are some tips on how to engage young people and deliver effective coaching in disadvantaged communities:

  • Create sessions that recognise and appreciate the motivations of young people to participate

  • Recognise that a games-led approach is a good method to meet young people’s needs. Flexible formats of sport where young people can express themselves are more appealing than skills and drills sessions

  • Act as a role model, mentor and motivator

  • Signpost and, most importantly, support transitions to further sporting opportunities

  • Be flexible, creative and prepared to adapt sessions to challenging environments with limited facilities

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